War of Bets Game Review

Get ready for a real battle when you play BetGames War of Bets and watch the cards in this elegant looking studio.

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War of Bets Game Review

We will find a top-class dealer providing the cards and overseeing each game.

The rules are easy to follow – the player and the dealer/banker will get a card each. The idea is that the higher card wins the round. Players can bet on one of both cards on the table. You can place bets on the value of the card or the suit.

Join the game at any time as the game streams 24/7. You can play War of bets on your mobile or favourite device. There is also a handsome number of bets and bet limits to choose from.

Where to Play War of Bets

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How to Play War of Bets

Players must understand that War of Bets is between them and the dealer. The plan is to fight it out over the highest card. There is also the chance that the round will end as a draw – and this means war.

To start, the player must place their bets on the outcome of the game; the dealership player or the dealer have the greater card. They can also place a bet on whether the game will end in a draw. When the bets are in place, the cards will be dealt. The one card needs to be face up on the table.

The cards are checked, and the highest value card will win the round. If the dealer and player have the same value cards, the round is a draw. In War of Bets, the Ace is the highest value symbol and the 2s are the lowest value symbol.

Types of Bets

War of Bets by BetGames is a card game that offers up to four different bets that the player can play with. As discussed above, we have betting for the dealer to win, a win for the player, or the tie. All these are the main bets that provides foundation for the game.

Other bets found on the game include the dealer gets a red card, the dealer has a black card, players card is red, or the player has a black card. All these will give the player some fun options during each round.

Furthermore, a player will find many more betting options. For example, they can also bet on the suit cards. There are eight options here, and again the dealer and player will go head-to-head. This is betting on the club, diamond, heart, and spade.

And to finish off, place bets on the card value. Players will bet on a series of combinations when the cards are dealt.

Play War of Bets for Free

When playing War of Bets live, you will not find a free or demo version of the game. If you want to know more before playing for real money, use your account to login and access the game. Then you can watch how it plays before you play for real.

Key Facts

Provider/Developer: BetGames
Release Date: 2020
RTP: 96.30%
Bonus Features: RTP, Side Bets
Theme: Casino War Game
Category: Card Game/Poker

FAQ - War of Bets

Where can I play War of Bets in South Africa?

Play War of Bets live at leading South African betting sites such as Supabets, Goldrush, Hollywoodbets or Betway.

What is the best site to play War of Bets in South Africa?

For the best casino experience when playing a round try HollywoodBets, Goldrush, Betway and Supabets. These are all reliable casino sites within South Africa.

Can I play War of Bets for free?

War of Bets BetGames is not available to play for free. This is because it is a game that is live and in real time. So, players must use their account and login to see what the game is all about. Try this before you play for real cash.

Can I play War of Bets on my mobile?

Yes, War of Bets is compatible on your favourite mobile or device. Players will not see any impact on quality of gameplay or graphics when they play using their mobile.

What is the RTP of War of Bets?

When you play War of Bets you will find a RTP of 96.30%

Is War of Bets worth playing?

For an interesting slant on card games, this BetGame is worth a go. The player will do battle with the dealer to see who can come up with the best hand. There are a series of top betting options to try as the game is played.

War of Bets
War of Bets
War of Bets

Strategies for War of Bets BetGames

  • Research War of Bets before you play. Make sure you understand the game and what it has to offer.
  • It is considered a good idea to bet the dealer or player. These are 50/50 bets. Therefore, there is more chance of picking up a win.
  • Be sure to place your bets before the round begins. This means that you will be getting fixed odds. The odds will change as the round plays out.
  • Don’t play for the Tie. It is very difficult to land this bet and lowers your chances.
  • Set a budget before you play and always stick to it.
  • Put a limit on how long you play for – when your time is up walk away.

War of Bets Game Review Summary

So in conclusion, War of Bets from BetGames is a live dealer game that can keep the player on their toes. People will notice overtones of the popular Casino War card game. However, the brilliance behind this game is the betting options.

The game is played against the dealer on War of Bets and there will be a few ways you can set up your bets. You can bet on the dealer, player, or the tie. But it doesn’t end there, the game comes with side bets also.

So, what are the main takeaways from playing this BetGame? Players will find plenty of outcome to play on, a friendly dealer to play against, simple and fun gameplay and an online game that can be played anytime.

Top up on your poker/card game skills with BetGames and the brilliant games that they produce. A player can test their skills when they play 6+ Poker and the exciting Bet on Poker. These are live games that are highly enjoyable. Other Poker games to consider are Side Bet City and Casino Hold'em by Evolution.