Lightning Dice Game Review

Evolution’s Lightning Dice is a continuation of their excellent work with live casino games. This addition to their live casino series features a professional live host who will look after you and roll the dice. The game is played every 20-30 seconds.

Three dice are rolled, and they fall through a sleek looking maze until they hit the bottom, this is called the Lightning Tower. You will need to guess what the total of the three dice is going to be when they hit the bottom. 

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Lightning Dice Game Review

However, there is a twist, lighting will strike and randomly pick multipliers to go with numbers on the display. So this is where things get interesting – the multipliers can be potentially rewarding for players if the numbers on the dice have a decent multiplier attached. Therefore let us have a more detailed look at Lightning Dice in this game review.

Where to Play Lightning Dice

Many licenced casino sites offer Evolution games and we have reviewed the top casino sites in South Africa. Furthermore have a look and decide which casino suits you best.

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How to Play Lightning Dice

Wondering how to play Lightning Dice? Well, Lightning Dice is played in a wonderful art deco studio that features what looks like a pachinko machine. Known as the Lightning Tower. You also have a host who will set the round up for you and entertain you. The main aim is to guess the total of the three dice when they land – there are 16 possible results – these are between 3 -18.  

You are given time to place your bets and all bets appear at the bottom of the screen. Just set the bets you want. Also you will notice that each number has a multiplier attached to it. So by predicting the right number, the multiplier is added. 

Just before the host starts the game, lighting will strike the betting options on the console at random and boost the multipliers that are already there. This can be anywhere from 50x up to 1,000x your bet. So if you land on one, you could collect a handsome win. 

The host will then add the three dice at the top of the machine and then pull the lever to let the dice fall. Furthermore you can watch as the dice fall through the machine and come to rest in the holder at the bottom and revel the number they make up. 

You will notice that 3 and 18 always have the biggest multiplier than the more common numbers that may appear. If you look at 10 and 11, you will see that they have a multiplier of 50x – while 3 and 18 come with a multiplier of 150x to 1,000x when boosted. 

Lightning Strike

The lightning strike comes into play after all bets have been placed. When this happens, up to 5 of the options on the interface can be struck by a lightning bolt – this boosts the multipliers. They can be boosted up to 5x – 1,000x your bet – the multipliers are increased by 50x each time. Therefore this is a great feature in Lightning Dice.

Key Facts

Provider/Developer: Evolution
Release Date: 2019
RTP: 96.21%
Volatility: Low
Bonus Features: The Lightning Strike feature
Adjust Paylines: N/A
Category: Live Casino Game

Play Lightning Dice for Free

Players won’t be able to play Lightning Dice for free as it’s a live game. So this means that all the action takes place live, in a studio and with an entertaining host. You will have to play the game for real cash if you want to try it. 

FAQ - Lightning Dice

Where can I play Lightning Dice in South Africa?

Players can discover Lightning Dice at most reputable casino sites across South Africa that offer Evolution games. Casinos like Supabets, Gbets, Hollywoodbets, Goldrush, 10bet and Playa Bets have these games available.

What is the best site to play Lightning Dice in South Africa?

Supabets, Hollywoodbets, Goldrush, Betway and 10bet all offer the chance to play Lightning Dice in the best betting site environment.

Can I play Lightning Dice for free?

Currently, there is no free version of Evolution’s Lightning Dice. As it’s a live casino game, and it takes place in real time – there is no way to join the game and play for free. However you can register with a casino and then have a look at the tables and how it is played before joining in.

Can I play Lightning Dice on my mobile?

Evolution games are mobile friendly and you can play this live casino game on Android and iOS. 

What is the RTP of Lightning Dice?

The RTP of Lightning Dice has a range of 96.03% to 96.21%. 

Is Lightning Dice worth playing?

Lighting Dice from Evolution does what it says on the tin! Excitement fills this fast paced game. There’s a top payout of 1,000x, it’s a game that’s easy to play and offers the chance to bet on numbers that contain decent multipliers.

Lightning Dice Screenshot 1
Lightning Dice Screenshot 3

Strategies for Playing Lightning Dice

  • It’s a good idea to place bets on 8,9,10,11,12, and 13. You will find that each number has a multiplier that reaches 50x. There are also base payouts that can offer 5x and 7x – all this potential of a decent payout. The reason for this is that the are the most common numbers. 
  • If you are going to try your luck for the bigger wins, try putting smaller bets on numbers 3 or 18 – both these can gain the 1,000x multiplier. 
  • Another idea to play with is to set an amount of money to play for – when you reach this total, end your game and collect. 
  • With Lightning Dice, the chance of getting a high number or low number is 50/50. So, you should try and cover as many of these possibilities with your betting – this can give you a chance of potential wins. 
  • Try and play for some value. There about 27 combinations made up with 10 or 11 making these numbers worth a bet or two.

Lightning Dice - Game Review Summary

Set in a stunning Art Deco themed studio, Evolution’s Lightning radiates energy at every level. This dice game is simple to master and offers a unique experience. The hosts are highly entertaining and engaging. 

With a great atmosphere this games looks amazing to play. All this is heighted by the sounds and music playing in the background. Lightning Dice also boasts a RTP of between 96.03% – 96.21%.

The Dice Tower is at the centre of everything, and when the game begins and lightning strikes, you will find multipliers worth up to 1,000x your stake. There is also no limit to the number of players that take part.  

The Evolution Gaming revolution continues, and there are many top Lightning titles to uncover. Try other games in the lightning series such as Lightning Roulette, Lightning Blackjack or Lightning Baccarat. Or give Football Studio Dice a try as well.