Side Bet City Game Review

Step back into the 80s and play some retro themed poker that is bound to bring the memories flooding back. This live dealer game is packed with vibes from the greatest decade. You will play in a neon lit studio where the live dealer will be waiting with the next hand.

Side Bet City allows players to bet on 3,5 and 7 card hands. There’s also a selection of bets that you can play with as well – these include the All lose or with a combination of the bets available. Side Bet City is a poker game that is played at a fast pace.

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Side Bet City Game Review

Players will also get the chance to chat with the dealer as they play making the game an interactive experience. Side Bet City offers a unique environment to play for poker fans – just wait for your cards and play some 80s themed poker.

Where to Play

There are more and more South African Casinos that feature slots from different providers and currently you can play this online slot at the following online casino sites:

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How to Play Side Bet City

The beauty of Side Bet City, is that it’s a game that is simple to play. Before you begin playing for real money, you can register an account with the site, make a deposit, and join the game without placing a bet at first. You will be able to watch the game in real time.

When you are ready to play, you will be dealt three cards with two more cards added making it a five card hand. Finally, the dealer will then add two more cards bringing the total of cards in the hand to seven. 

When you have your full hand, you will bet on the poker values found in the three values. Or you can choose to bet on All to Lose. You will be given time in-between each round to choose the bets that you want to go with. 

There’s one deck of cards in play during each game. These are shuffled after every game by the dealer. So you can bet on any of the combinations created in each hand. For Example, you can bet on the three cards and the All Lose side bet – the latter acts as an insurance bet.

Placing Your Bet

You need to know that there are a few options when it comes to placing bets when you play Side Bet City – lets break them down and take a closer look at them and see how they make the game work. You will need the options below to form a winning hand. 

3 Card Hand

This hand is dependent on the outcome of the first three cards that come from the deck. 

5 Card Hand

The outcome of this comes from the first five cards dealt. 

7 Card Hand

The result of this bet is built around the first seven cards from the deck. 

All Lose 

This is the bet that tells you that there isn’t going to be a winning bet. 

The Lobby Button

The Lobby Button can be used during your game. This option will allow you to keep an eye on other games as you play. This will continue until you decide to select a table or start a new game. 

+Table Option 

Side Bet City by Evolution will allow you to join up to 4 tables at the same time – it will also tell you if when a table is unavailable. This type of gameplay on multiple games can certainly be interesting.  

Winning Hands

Here are some of the hands that you will need to bring together to collect potential wins on Side Bet City poker.

  • Pair
  • Pair of Jacks
  • Two pairs
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full House
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Royal Flush

Play Side Bet City for Free

Side Bet City Live game does not have a free version to try out before you play for real cash. However, you can register, make a deposit and join the game before you play. You can watch other players and see how the game works before you place a bet. 

Key Facts

  • Provider/Developer: Evolution
  • Release Date: 2019
  • RTP: 94.34%
  • Volatility: High
  • Bonus Features: 3, 5 or 7-card hand, or on the ‘All Lose’ option.
  • Autoplay: No
  • Category: Poker

FAQ - Side Bet City

Where can I play Side Bet City in South Africa?

Play Side Bet City by Evolution Games at most quality South African casino sites such as Supabets, Goldrush, Hollywoodbets or Betway.

What is the best site to play Side Bet City in South Africa?

Get your dose of 80s magic with Side Bet City live game by visiting top online casinos like Hollywoodbets, Goldrush, Betway and 10bet.

Can I play Side Bet City for free?

Side Bet City is a live casino game and thus there is no free version. If you want to get to know it better, then register an account. Then make the minimum deposit and join the game. Alternatively just look at how other players play before joining in.

Can I play Side Bet City on my mobile?

Side Bet City is 100% mobile friendly and worth trying on any device.

What is the RTP of Side Bet City?

The RTP of Side Bet City ranges from 96.69% to 96.29% depending on if you’ve played with 3,5,7 or All Lose.

Is Side Bet City worth playing?

Side Bet City poker is a fast pace live game by Evolution. You also have a range of interesting betting options to play with. The dealers are always quite entertaining and there is a maximum win of up to 1,000%.

Strategies for Playing Side Bet City

  • The 3-Card hand has a decent RTP. So it’s worth taking a look at this bet for potential wins during each round. 
  • The All Lose bet is a type of insurance bet. You could bet on the 3-Card and cover it with the All Lose bet. 
  • The All Lose option will return money even if your original bet fails. You can consider betting with it alongside other bets.
  • If you want to push the limits, you can bet on the 5-Card option for bigger payouts. This could bring you the maximum payout of up to 1,000/1 – this is for the Royal Flush. You can also bring the All Lose bet in here.
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Side Bet City - Game Review Summary

In conclusion, with a classic 80s vibe and professional dealer, it’s hard not to like Side Bet City. This poker game is highly entertaining and easy to play for those who are new to poker. The poker game is played with hands of 3,5 or 7. 

Popular poker hands create wins. You just place your bet and the dealer will start the game. When you bag a win, the results will appear at the bottom of the screen.

This neon lit poker game has many entertaining elements! This will keep players interested as their hand plays out. This also includes a maximum win of up to 1,000x your stake for the right winning hand. 

If you are a poker fan and want to expand on your poker games, Evolution is here to help. You will find many great poker games in their collection. This also includes Casino Hold’em, Jumbo 7 Jackpot Side Bet, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em and Three Card Poker. BetGames also offers War of Bets to give a try.