Best Crash Games in South Africa

Crash Games are one of the latest innovations in online gambling and becoming increasingly popular around the world. We have reviewed the best currently available crash gambling casino games in South Africa and guide you where to play them.

Aviator is a fun and exciting crash game by Spribe which you will find at most casino sites!
Before the Spaceman crashes, place your bets, put your nerve to the test, and cash out!

Crash gambling games originate in the cryptocurrency world and respective casinos. Hence the format of these games - investing an initial stake or base bet and trying to cash out at the optimal time for maximum profit - very much mimics the concept of trading on currency markets. Now these games have arrived in various themes at online casinos and betting sites.

What are Crash Games and how do they work?

The gameplay itself is very simple and straightforward. Nevertheless the unique format of gameplay has captured the attention of many players, and it's easy to see why. At the start of each game or betting round you place your bet. In most games you can even place 2 bets at the same go. Once the game starts your goal is to cash out at any point before the game ends with a crash. During the game round the multiplier gradually increases. Therefore the longer you wait before cashing out, the more they can potentially win. However, if you don't cash out before the crash, you lose your stake and any potential winnings.

The basic format of crash games is consistent, but they come in all varieties and themes. For example, the multiplier might be visually represented in the form of simply a counter or a line on a graph like we are used to from trading. But it can equally be represented by anything from an airplane climbing higher in the sky such as in Aviator or a rocket flying into space such as in Pragmatic Play's Spaceman. This diversity in visual representation adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. So if you are looking for a thrilling entertainment while not being into cryptocurrency investments then these games are definitely for you.

Top Crash Games

As we mentioned above these games come in different themes. Below we have listed the best crash currently available in South Africa.

In addition, there are some titles which we haven't seen yet in South African Online casinos. But they might appear at one point. Aside from JetX Smart Soft Gaming has a few additional titles such as Ballon or Cappadocia. Spribe also offers more titles including Plinko, based on the popular Pachinko game. Other providers also developed games with crash mechanic, including the following:

  • Fighters XXX by Betconstruct
  • Space XY by BGaming

Most popular Crash Game

Aviator is a fun and exciting crash game by Spribe which you will find at most casino sites!

Developers of Crash Games

The developer behind the currently best online crash gambling games are not as well known as for example live casino games as well as slots providers. That is to say we haven't seen any similar games by the likes of NetEnt, Novomatic or Evolution. But some provider already already develop these innovative games and currently the following providers are offering them:

  • Spribe
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Smartsoft Gaming
  • Betconstruct
  • BGaming

Crash games are all about deciding how far you want to push your luck before cashing out. The crash can occur at any time and is impossible to predict, meaning crash games are truly random. This unpredictability is what makes them so exciting, as players must make split-second decisions based on their instincts and knowledge of the game.

Gameplay Strategies

As the games are random and a game of chance there is no proven strategy. Nevertheless below are some recommendations that you can consider:

  • Crash gameplay often have both Auto Bet as well as Auto Cashout features and you should use them. Set your limits in advance and then let the auto-software do the work for you. This ensures you stay in budget. Using Auto-Cashout is often a good strategy. You decide ahead of each game round at which multiplier level you want to cash out and then the game automatically does it once this multiplier is reached. This allows you to focus on the game and makes the experience more rewarding.
  • If you've never played a game before watch it for a while before joining. This helps you to understand the gameplay and to make more informed decisions.
  • Diversify your bets. There is usually the option to place not just one but two bets. When placing 2 bets you could follow different strategies for each. For example, you could place a R1 bet and a R2 bet. The larger one aims covering the smaller one while the smaller one aims to make profit. Then set the auto cash out for the R2 bet to a 1.50x multiplier. Doing so can result in a R3 win from the R2 bet and overall you would be breakeven. The R1 bet aims for profit. Therefore you can either cashout manually at a higher multiplier or alternatively use the auto feature.
  • Play responsible. As all other casino games crash gambling games should be entertaining Set your budget and limits, then stick to them.

Why are crash games so popular?

Crash games are extremely entertaining and can be highly profitable in short periods. The game rounds play rather quickly, and the rewards can be significant. On top of that, players don't need a lot of experience, as crash games are quite intuitive and therefore suitable for novice players and experienced casino players alike. In addition, these games come with the option of ending the game round at any given point before the crash. Therefore you have some control over the gameplay when making use of the Auto Cash Out feature. This option is great for all players alike but especially for high-risk players reaching for higher multipliers. Furthermore, most games have a chat functionality. Hence you can have some fun interaction with other players. Other games such as slots don't have any social aspect.


Which is the best crash game?

Crash Casinos games have only just really arrived in South Africa and not too many games are yet available. At the moment Spribe's Aviator is by far the most popular crash game.

Which casino is the best to play crash games on?

We have reviewed all crash games that are currently available in South Africa in our Crash Games section and provide you a list of recommended online casinos for each. In the end the decision of the best casino for you depends on your preferences and needs.

Can I play crash games for free?

In most online casinos you can play crash gambling games only for real money. But you can always access the games and watch a few rounds before placing your bets. Moreover these games are really simple and easy to understand.

Are crash games fair?

Indeed they are and moreover usually have a competitive RTP (return to player) of 97% up to 99%. While the games itself are fair you should moreover ensure that you play with a reputable online casino or betting site for an overall fair and responsible gaming experience.

How can I get a guaranteed win and beat crash games?

These games follow the same principle as other casinos games such as slots. They are random and games of chance. Therefore there is no proven strategy for winning. But FindYourCasino's Crash Games Guide lists some general recommendations which you can use to increase your chances of winning and have an overall enjoyable experience.

Can I play crash games on my mobile?

You surely can! All games we have reviewed are fully optimised for mobile devices. So whether you play on a tablet, Android smartphone or an iPhone you will have a thrilling gabling experience.