Evolution Live Craps Game Review

Evolution Live Craps games brings the world of Craps to life for all table game fans. You can feel the tension rise as you wait for the dice to land. The game is fronted by a professional live dealer who goes the extra mile to bring you one of the best Craps experiences around. 

You will find this live Craps game at many popular South African online betting sites. This version of craps is simple to play, and you will find a game that offers many interesting options. Evolution Live Craps is ideal for new and experienced players. 

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Evolution Live Craps Game Review

Live Craps is played in a visually pleasing studio and is played at a fast pace. So you need to get your bets on quickly. There are a couple of different ways that you can bet, and there are additional ways to grab potential wins. Let’s have a closer look at Evolution Live Craps in this game review.

Where to Play

This live game is available to play at most South African licenced online bookies who offer Evolution games. We recommend trying this game at one of the following casino sites.

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How to Play Evolution Live Craps

The basis for playing craps is to guess what the outcome of two dice are when they land on the Craps table. In Evolution Craps Live, both dice are mounted on an automated arm that is controlled by the dealer. 

So both dice are loaded onto the automated arm after each player has placed their bets. When the time to place bets is up, the dice are tossed, and the players will watch for the outcome of the round. Also all the betting options will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

Betting Options

There are different ways you can bet on live craps online. As you play, you will find that each combination that appears during each game has its own odds – these are based on the chances of that outcome happening. The mains bets to work with are:

One Roll Bets

With this bet, you are betting on the result of this after just one roll of the dice. Players will find several simple One Roll Bets as they play the game. These are bets that can be played at any point of the game. They are an excellent option for players that are new to Craps. 

Multi Roll Bets

The result of this is decided after a few dice rolls. Again, this offers the player a simple way to play with different bets and let them get to know live craps online better. You will find bets such as betting with pairs when you play with the Hardways bet. 


These features below can help you develop your Craps skills. 

My Numbers

This is a set of numbers that tell you what the possible numbers of the dice could be after they have been rolled. All these come with a payout, and everything is updated when bets are placed. The features also lets you place a bet. 

Easy Mode

This will make the grid that you bet on a lot simpler for players. Therefore it is for players who may be new to the game of Craps. It will remove certain betting options and make the game simpler for new players. You will still have One Roll bets, Place to Win and Place to Lose Multi-Roll bets. 


This option will teach you everything you need to know about this live Craps game. Also it will show you how to place bets, betting options and more. If you are a new to Craps, then this would be the best starting point for you. 


For those who love their stats, this is the feature for you. You can find it on the screens behind the table. There you will find everything you need – Top Numbers, Popular bets and more. You will also be able to see what other players are betting on. This option lets you do some homework before you play. 

First Person Craps

As you know, Evolution games come with the GO LIVE option. By hitting this button you go to the Live Craps Table via a portal. Furthermore first Person contains an RGN, offers players an interactive tutorial and the My Numbers display. All this adds another layer to your game and casino experience. 

Key Facts

  • Provider/Developer: Evolution
  • Release Date: 2020
  • RTP: 99.17%
  • Volatility: N/A
  • Bonus Features: Bonus Bet
  • Autoplay: N/A
  • Category: Live Casino Game

Play Evolution Craps Live for Free

Players won’t be able to play a free version of Evolution Craps Live as it’s a live game and all the action takes place in real time. Although, you can register and enter the game to watch it before making a bet – this will let you learn more about the game. 

FAQ - Evolution Live Craps

Where can I play Evolution Craps Live in South Africa?

So roll the dice on Evolution Craps Live at most reputable casino sites across South Africa like Goldrush, 10bet, Hollywoodbets and Supabets.

What is the best site to play Evolution Craps Live in South Africa?

Hollywoodbets, Goldrush, Betway and 10bet are some of the casinos that will give you the chance to play Evolution Craps Live in a great atmosphere.

Can I play Evolution Craps for free?

Evolution Craps Live has no demo version for it is a live dealer game. You can however join the table and view before participating.

Can I play Evolution Craps on my mobile?

You can play Evolution Craps Live across all devices including on Android and iOS.

What is the RTP of Evolution Craps Live?

The RTP of Evolution Craps Live is 99.17%.

Is Evolution Craps Live worth playing?

Evolution Craps Live is the ideal game to play if you are new to online craps games. It’s a simple game to master and get to grips with, and it comes with some interesting bets to play around with – such as the Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets.

Strategies for Playing Evolution Craps Live

  • It’s best to start with one of the simplest strategies – this is to limit any losses by using the same bets – such as the Pass Line. Basic bets such as these can gel well with Take Odds options and let you play it safe and see returns as the game pans out. 
  • Use the control panel at the bottom of the screen to see how the game is panning out for you. Feel free to try out the Dealer Assist option to guide you through the game. This will help you test bets and see the potential outcome when you choose a certain result. 
  • You must have a basic understanding of Craps before you play. If you are new to Craps, it’s wise to play with One Roll Bets. This is a simple bet that will help you gain confidence and build up your knowledge of how the game works before you progress. 
  •  When you play Live Craps online, start your game with smaller bets and ease yourself into the action. This is help you get a feel for the game.  
  • Don’t forget to take breaks between games, this will help you keep track of your funds and keep you from making any wrong decisions during a game – so, take a breather when you
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Evolution Craps Live Screen 1
Evolution Craps Live Screen 2

Evolution Craps Live - Game Review Summary

Although we don't consider ourselves to be Craps specialists, we believe Evolution has delivered Craps Live up to standard. Live Craps has all the elements need to bring you the ultimate Craps experience. Complete with live dealer, beautiful studio, and a simple gameplay, this game is for all types of players. 

Evolution Craps has something for experienced players and those who are new to the world of Craps. The mechanical arm that launches the dice keeps thing fair, there is live chat and interaction, Live Craps even offers tutorials for players who want to learn more about Craps. 

You can see how the game is being played out by checking the Top Number and Popular Bets displays. This will help you plan your next move and you will find payouts of up to 30x on each round. So as you can see the game plan is pretty easy to follow and the rules not to complicated.

Other titles in the Evolution live games include the exciting Lightning Dice, Live Baccarat, Free Blackjack Party, Lightning Blackjack, and the unmissable XXXtreme Lightning Roulette. Evolution offer some fantastic games, live and slots. So give their games a try as you might find your next favourite!