Mega Roulette Game review

Mega Roulette is based on the European rules format, but as you play this Pragmatic Play game you will notice a couple of tweaks to this roulette game – these are Straight Up bets that are paid at 29/1. Up to five numbers are selected and their payouts are boosted up to 499/1 – this is about 500x your original bet. 

The game is played in a ultra-modern studio which features a host who is there to oversee the game. The games payouts are boosted by the generous multipliers that are a big part of the game – these can be from 50x – 500x your bet. 

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Mega Roulette Game review

You will also be able to view all the important stats surrounding the game – all these are on hand for you to browse. Mega Roulette is fast and part of the Pragmatic Mega title range. Mega Wheel and Mega Sic Bo are part of this exciting range. This is what makes it very enjoyable to play, so feel free to continue reading about Mega Roulette game review. 

Where to Play Mega Roulette

There are many casino sites that offer Evolution Live Games and we have reviewed most of these very well known casino sites. Therefore have a look below and see which casino site is the best one for you.

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How to Play Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette follows classic European rules. You will need to try and guess where the ball is going to land on the Roulette wheel when it comes to a stop. As always, the numbers range between 0 and 36 with 1 to 5 numbers randomly selected. 

The numbers that have been selected at random bring a ‘Mega Multiplier’ to the round. These are worth 50x up to 500x your bets if you have the right hand. If you have any of these cards, your potential wins could be boosted as a result.  

Before each game, the dealer will ask players to place their bets, this is just as it is in normal Roulette. The bets can be placed on the table or via the racetrack option. The dealer will then suspend all betting and spin the wheel.

As the wheel spins, the Mega Numbers pop up. Remember this can be up to 5 numbers from the wheel. After all this, you just must wait and see where the ball lands on the wheel and hope that you have one of the Mega Numbers. 

Types of Bets Found on Mega Roulette

There’s a collection bets that can be found on Mega Roulette. You will have the popular inside and outside bets. There are also a couple other betting options such as Section and Special bets to bet on whilst you play. 

The Inside Bets 

  • Straight Up – When you bet on one number between 0 and 36. 
  • Split Bet – if you use a Split Bet, you are making a bet that will cover 2 of the neighbouring numbers. 
  • Street Bet – This bet will cover 3 numbers that are in a row. 
  • Corner Bet or Square Bet – This is a bet that covers 4 numbers that make up a square. 
  • Six Line Bet – By making this bet, you will be covering 2 streets during a round. 

The Outside Bets

Column Bet – Placing this bet will cover one of 3 columns – these are 1-4-7-10-13-16-19-22-25-28-31-34 or 2-5-8-11-14-17-20-23-26-29-32-35 or 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30-33-36 – but does not include 0.

Dozen Bet – This bet will cover one of these 3 columns - (1st 12 – 1-12, 2nd 12 – 13-24 or 3rd 12 – 25-36) – Again, this doesn’t include 0.

Even Chance Bets – when you bet using this type of bet, you are wagering on even bets such as Red or Black, Even or Odd and Low (1-18) or High (19-36).


Straight Up29-499:1
Six Line 5:1

One difference you will find when you play Mega Roulette is that the Straight Up bets pay 29/1. Not the usual 35/1 which is found on regular Roulette games, this is because of the Mega Multipliers that comes with the ability to boost wins. Also bets that aren’t affected by the Multipliers payout as normal. 

The Section and Special Bets

You will see the racetrack options on the left of the screen. This will let you set other bets that are part of the game. Furthermore these include the Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, and 0 Game. But there are even more options to be found on Mega Roulette. 

When you play Mega Roulette, you will come across a selection of Mega Bets that will give you the chance to place multiple Straight Up bets quickly. Each one is marked by the star symbol, and there are four different options. 

Mega Chances – Don’t bet on outside evens bets that won’t help you gain a multiplier, so just place a single chip on all red or black, even/odd numbers this will let you cover up 18 straight numbers with just one click. 

Mega Dozens – The Mega Dozen bet allows you to place a bet on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd dozen by placing a chip on each number within the dozen you have decided to play with. Therefore this will give you 12 Straight Up numbers in one click. 

Mega Columns – With this bet, you can place your bet on 12 Straight Up numbers that are found within the mega column – this is a big change from the standard column bests found in a normal Roulette game. 

Bet on All – This will allow players to cover all the numbers with one click – all 37 numbers across the table. 

Key Facts

Provider/Developer: Pragmatic Play
Release Date: 2021
RTP: 97.30%
Volatility: High
Bonus Features: Mega Chances, Mega Dozens, Mega Columns, Bet on All
Autoplay: No
Category: Roulette

Play Mega Roulette for Free

Like most online live casino games you won’t be able to play Mega Roulette for free. However, players can join the livestream and follow the game and get to know it better. When you are ready to play, you can join the game, and play for real cash. 

FAQ - Mega Roulette

Where can I play Mega Roulette in South Africa?

Play Mega Roulette by Pragmatic Play with casino sites like Supabets, Goldrush and Playa Bets.

What is the best site to play Mega Roulette in South Africa?

With so many great licenced casino sites to choose from in SA you must work through them till you find what is suitable for you. There is so much choice, like Playa Bets, Supabets and GoldRush.

Can I play Mega Roulette for free?

There is no free version available because this is a live game. So you may register and make the minimal deposit to join the live game. When you understand what is happening, you can begin to play for real cash.

Can I play Mega Roulette on my mobile?

Yes, so all Pragmatic Play live games and slots are mobile friendly.

What is the RTP of Mega Roulette?

The RTP here is 96.50% and 97.30% on the other bet types.

Is Mega Roulette worth playing?

There are potential winnings of up to 29:1 and a set of multipliers that range from 50x up to 500x. Therefore watch out for the Mega Chance and other wagers like this that can add to your game. 

Strategies for Playing Mega Roulette

  • Before you begin playing Mega Roulette, be sure to study the payout tables. You should always be aware of each payout. 
  • Always set an amount you want to play with and stick to it – always stay within your budget. 
  • Also if you want to keep the risk levels to a minimum, try playing with Outside bets – these offer a decent payout rate. 
  • Each time that you play, you should set yourself a target, and when you reach that target you should cash out that amount and quit the game while you are ahead.

Mega Roulette - Game Review Summary

Mega Roulette Live combines the classic Roulette game with the live casino experience with a glossy contemporary studio. This entertaining game offers top wins of 500x your stake. You will also find the popular Straight Up bets and more. 

This Pragmatic Play game also offers the brilliantly designed Mega Bets – these bets will let you cover more than one numbers with one click. Therefore this will make sure you get to cover the numbers you want within the allotted time. 

You will also find a dealer/host that will help start the game and keep you informed about what’s going on during the game. So at the bottom of the screen, you will find all the options and bets needed to play the game. 

Finally aside from Mega Roulette, Pragmatic Play have a collection of live gameshow titles that are sure to keep you entertained – these include the colourful Sweet Bonanza Candyland and the outstanding Mega Wheel